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Reporting Unclaimed Property

Guide to Reporting Unclaimed Property (pdf)

Electronically file your report in two steps:

  1. Convert your file to standard NAUPA II format. Files in NAUPA II format from any vendor are acceptable. If you prefer, you can use one of the programs listed below.
  2. Submit your report via our web site. (Click here for more information including security features)

Frequently Asked Questions
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When are reports due?

Reports are due by October 31st of each year.

How do I file my report?

We offer two ways to file your report:

  • Electronically - NAUPA standard file format:
    We accept electronic reports in NAUPA standard format via our website or on diskette/CD.

  • By paper - 5% penalty applies for failure to file and pay electronically.
    Detail Report
    Must be completed every year
    (Form, Instructions)

    Summary Report
    Must be completed every year
    (Form, Instructions)

    Safe Deposit Box Report
    Use if you have safe deposit box contents to report
    (Form, Instructions)

    Aggregate & Unknown Report
    Use if you are combining several small amounts, or you have property to report that does not have an owner name associated with it
    (Form, Instructions)

    Certificate of Holder
    Use if you made a mistake on a previous report, or you paid an owner funds that have already been reported to our office.
    (Form With Instructions)

    Confidential Unclaimed Property Information Authorization Form
    Use if you are authorizing the Department to share your confidential Unclaimed Property information with the business/person(s) you name.

Can I report property for other states to Washington?

As a convenience, if you are a Holder located in the state of Washington, you may file one Unclaimed Property report with our office even if you are holding property for owners who live in other states.*  The property must be considered incidental** property in order to be included on your report.

Once reported our office will forward the names of out-of state owners to the appropriate states. Whether you report the property to our office or to the state directly, you must follow each state’s laws on dormancy periods. Some states may require you to report to them directly even if the property is considered incidental. For property that does not fall under the definition of incidental you will need to report directly to the state of last known address.

*Due to law changes, any property owing to owners with a last known address in California must be reported directly to California no matter how many names or the value.

**NAUPA has defined incidental property as ten or fewer properties, totaling $1,000 or less, which belong to a state other than the state to which the properties were remitted.

What is a holder?

A holder is anyone who owes money or property to an individual or business. When the holder cannot find the owner, the unclaimed property must be reported to the Washington State Department of Revenue. Common holders are:

  • Banks and financial institutions (state or federal charter banks, savings banks, savings and loan associations, credit unions, investment companies)
  • Businesses (insurance companies, utility companies)
  • Other legal entities (city, county, and state governments)

When must holders report unclaimed property to the Department of Revenue?

Holders must review their records every year to see if they have any funds, securities or other items that have been abandoned (pdf), and report it to the Department of Revenue by October 31. (See Washington State Law (RCW 63.29))

What are due diligence letters?

For items over $75, written notices must be sent by the holder to the owners (only those with valid addresses) between May 1st and August 1st of every year. The letter should indicate that the holder is holding property for them which may be turned over to Washington State. See our sample letter (pdf).

What must be reported?

Some common examples of what should be reported include amounts from:

  • uncashed checks
  • unused gift certificates or credits
  • inactive bank accounts
  • deposits
  • insurance policies
  • undelivered stock shares and/or dividends
  • mutual funds

Holders should also report contents from safe deposit boxes five years after the lease expires.


Is your business reporting unclaimed property correctly? Workshop participants will learn their reporting obligations and how to identify and report unclaimed property.

Suggested Audience:

  • Managers
  • Accounting practitioners
  • Business professionals responsible for tracking and reporting unclaimed property

Workshop Schedule

The Department has several types of workshops designed to help your organization report unclaimed property. Take a look at our schedule and sign up for a workshop online. Hurry - these free, three hour workshops will fill up fast!

Unclaimed Property workshop schedule

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